PrizePicks app - failed to verify identity error - what you can do?

hey there so I'm just reviewing this price Peaks app and seems a lot of users have issue either with creating an account or a lot of users just have this issue is failed to verify uh my identity and then just you can get banned for life for it and that's it some other users right that uh it says I can't run the review and we'll back to you in 24 hours but it can be like few months so it's that's basically it and at the moment I can't create an account actually I just got stuck when I'm entering my address so it's pretty interesting why is that is happening I read in the app description that uh if you just go to the app itself like that it's only available in specific uh States so you can see them here um you cannot play price picks if you're currently located in any of the following states um so and then it's only available as well in in specific countries maybe it's only us um so yeah maybe that's the issue but I don't know you can always reach out to their support uh but not sure if that's gonna help you out so if you just tap on app support then uh you can allow to have your uh uh location uh and then yeah you can just contact the support here uh and yes so that's basically an overview but like how to reach out to help Center and then you can just see it here so yeah uh hope that's helpful

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