PrizePicks - Fantasy Games app - what is it? Quick overview

what this price Peaks app so this is like one of the top trending apps right now for fantasy sports uh it's uh heading in the top charts in the in the US App Store and this is the app around like daily fantasy sport made easy is the simplest fastest and most exciting daily fantasy sports game you can choose like two six players and pick that more or less on their projection then where's the money roll in this fantasy football season sign up and use card fly book for 100 deposit match up to 100 dollars uh you can pick up any player from any sport device to play at nearly infinite you can combine NFL cube psds with this resource of NBA player unlimited fantasy sports options so you can also apply fantasy football college football basketball college basketball Esports Fantasy Baseball fantasy golf hockey tennis cricket so many more and then on price Peak you can keep it simple and safe or you can strive for greatness anyone can get 25x there and just getting six predictions correct which is why we paid out or 650 million dollars to our members save and secure with travels so who can play US and Canada residents only including entire users must be 18 or older you cannot play price price picks if you're currently located in any of the following states so all right so there's like actually a huge exclusion out of of that um so yeah so that's basically what you can see here and that's just an overview there are some issues if you try to sign up sometimes you just can't sign up maybe because you're located out of those days out of those locations so here you can just choose yeah and then you can just win pick money cash out your winnings and yeah so that's basically the idea uh hope that's helpful

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