Promo cards by Spotify - what is it?

Spotify has introduced a new feature called Promo Cards for Artists, which allows users to create personalized assets for sharing music with fans on social media. To access Promo Cards, you can head over to and get started.

Once you're on the website, you can search for artists or songwriters to create promo cards for. Whether you're an artist, a songwriter, or an author, Promo Cards can be a cool feature to explore. Let's say you want to create a promo card for Drake. Simply search for Drake and select the desired card option.

After selecting a card, you have the option to customize it to your liking. You can focus on milestones or artists, such as highlighting Drake's 50 million followers, and change the background to suit your preferences. Once you're satisfied with your design, click "Next."

The next step is to share your promo card. You can choose to share it on platforms like Instagram, either in landscape or square format. It's important to include the link to your content, ensuring that fans can easily access your music or any other related content.

Once you've customized and shared your promo card, you have the option to save it, share it directly on your social media accounts, or download it for future use. This feature can be incredibly handy for artists, songwriters, and anyone else with a connection to Spotify.

In summary, Spotify's Promo Cards for Artists is a great new addition to the platform, allowing users to create personalized assets for sharing music and connecting with fans on social media. If you're an artist, songwriter, or have any affiliation with Spotify, this feature could be incredibly useful for your promotional efforts. Give it a try and see how it can benefit your music career!

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