Providers app - former Fresh EBT - how to create an account?

here is providers app formerly known as fresh EBT and it's one of the top apps apt app for checking your food stamp balance and also checking all other benefits also disability find discounts jobs benefit info and more so yeah everything in one app is kind of quite popular app as you can see over 200 000 ratings and it's constantly in the top charts in US so then you can just sign in or create an account so you can sign in here with Google Apple Facebook or if you want to create an account you can just also continue with apple Google so for example let's just try I'm just using your my face ID and then should be signing in and then you can enter your ZIP code you can enter for example your States or just as an example I can just create a test account uh so for example uh you can just enter it here and then you can link your EBT add an EBT account to get easy access to your balance button history and upcoming deposits uh and then yeah here is the providers app um you can see uh some local jobs and gigs you can see your accounts you can get some help you can do some job search GitHub there are some Geeks grocery Hub and all of that so it's pretty powerful apps there is a lot of things going on here so just feel free to explore it and yeah

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