PURE DATING app - full overview. Better than Tinder?

Pure Dating App - Full Overview. Better than Tinder?

Looking for a dating app that goes beyond swiping left or right on pictures? Then you may want to check out Pure. This app describes itself as a dating app for curious creatives who want to explore their desires more openly while being honest about their intentions and clear about their boundaries. But what exactly can you expect from Pure, and is it better than Tinder? Let's take an overview.

Signing up for Pure is relatively simple. You can create an account using either your Facebook or Apple credentials. Once you’re in, you can start browsing through ads posted by other users. To start seeing other profiles, you will first need to post your ad, stating what kind of experience you're looking for. Pure claims to be a space where all desires can be spoken aloud, and you can find someone who shares the same interests.

One of the advantages of Pure is that there's no border when it comes to location. You can check any city worldwide and meet interesting people from the Pure community worldwide. The app also offers a video chat feature, which makes it easier to know your chat partner better and make sure that the person is genuine.

Privacy is a top priority for Pure. The app boasts that “what happens in Pure, stays in Pure.” Photos self-destruct after being seen, and you will be notified if someone takes a screenshot. However, you need to keep in mind that nothing can be guaranteed when it comes to online privacy.

One downside to using Pure is that many features are locked behind a subscription. If you want to post something on the feed, play audio chat games, or see other users’ profiles, you will need to upgrade. The subscription is quite expensive compared to other dating apps. It costs $29.99 per month, $80 per year, or $13.49 per week. This means that unless you're willing to pay, you won't be able to do much in the app.

Pure also offers some additional features, such as quizzes and audio chat games. However, again, these are mostly available to subscribed users.

Overall, Pure is an app tailored to a certain niche, and it can be a refreshing change of pace if you're bored with apps like Tinder or Bumble. However, it’s important to weigh the costs and benefits of a subscription before signing up. Additionally, while Pure emphasizes privacy, you should still use caution when meeting people online.

In conclusion, Pure has some unique features and may be worth trying out if you're looking for something different in the dating world. However, the subscription fee is high, and many features are locked behind it. Ultimately, the decision of whether Pure is better than Tinder or other dating apps will depend on your personal preferences and experience.

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