Pure dating app (upgraded) - how to use?

Here's just a quick overview of Pure dating app. So let's talk about the app itself. Pure dating app is not your typical dating app like Tinder. It is designed more for casual fun and casual dating. While it can be used for long-term relationships, the majority of people using this app are looking for something more casual.

Recently, Pure dating app has been gaining popularity and is ranked high in the charts. It boasts a nicely designed interface and is not completely scammy like some other dating apps out there, based on what I can see. However, I cannot guarantee its legitimacy 100%, so it's important to exercise caution when using any dating app.

To use the app, you will need to upgrade your account. While creating an account is free, you'll need to upgrade in order to post in the feed. This requirement adds a level of legitimacy to the app. Still, it's essential to approach it with caution, as with any dating app.

Creating an account on Pure is straightforward. You can choose to remain anonymous and there is no need to add many photos initially. You can send them later if you prefer. The main feature of the app is the ability to send ads. You have a 350-character limit to write whatever you want in your ad. Additionally, you can include photos to accompany your ad. Some users choose not to add photos since the app promotes an anonymous experience.

Once you post an ad, it will be visible in the feed. However, accessing the feed is only possible by paying. The feed consists of text and photos from other users. From here, you can send messages, chat, and send photos if you upgrade your account. The upgraded version also offers additional features like sending gems, hiding ads, and blocking users.

Pure dating app also provides various filters to help you find potential matches. Additionally, there is an incognito mode that allows you to browse unseen, hide your ad, chat, and appear offline. The app also offers gaming options, although I haven't personally tried them, and features the ability to purchase chips for gaming.

It's important to note that upgrading the app does come at a cost, and it can be quite expensive. However, you have the option to upgrade for just one week if you prefer. Even after upgrading, some incognito features may still require payment. You can also promote your ad, pushing it to the top of the list, but this feature also comes with an additional cost.

For managing your account, Pure provides settings where you can complain, access general options, and view your account details. Additionally, there is an option to delete your account, which is a useful feature. You can also clear chat history and block users if needed.

In summary, Pure dating app offers a casual dating experience that you can try out if you're interested. Just keep in mind that the costs associated with the app can add up quickly. So, it's crucial to weigh the convenience and features against potential expenses.

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