Push it App - what is it? Overview - podcast

Push it App - what is it? Overview - podcast

Push it App - what is it? Overview

the first app for sending custom push notifications to your friends.

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  • what is push it! app?
  • who are the developers?
  • why it is in the top charts of the App Store.
‎push it - get it now
‎the first app for sending custom push notifications to your friends.
Push it jumps to No. 1 on App Store promising a way to send push notifications to friends – TechCrunch
A new app called Push it is sitting at the top of the App Store promising little more than the ability to send “push notifications to your friends.” The app features only two screenshots — one of a big red button and another basic, black-and-red screen with text that says “s…


In this episode. Let's talk about Push It app, which is basically a new trending app in the US App Store. It's just going to the moon. It was in the top three app in the App Store about Instagram, about TikTok and all of that. So the app at the moment is only available in selected States.

I was trying for to search around it, but there was nothing about it, but it just jumps to number one on App Store, promising a way to send push notifications to friends, promising little more than the ability to send push notifications to your friend. App features only two screenshots, one of the big red button and another basic black and red screen with text that says sending. So what's going on here?

So as it turns out, Push it is a light discretion from the makers of the Snapchat platform Send It, which features AR games and anonymous Q and I send it has been studied again interaction with Snapchat users who use the app to play games and have conversations with Snapchat friends. So standard app again, which is the same developer process. Push it has been the loaded nearly 9 million times worldwide and has generated nearly $3 million in consumer spending.

So there you have it to work. Push it requires full access to your contacts database on your phone. It also offers tools to invite friends via text messages. It puts an okay button next to France name who supposedly need to invite which one push to create a text you can send them to join.

So the app also has five star reviews when you tap the Star icon at the top window, which promises you special gift if you write it.

So yeah, it was published in the App Store in late October under the name Project Red to see it alert that number one makes for suspicious lunch, one that typically indicates having relied heavily on prelaunch marketing or gross hacks as it's now common.

So, for example, there was like a Paparazzi app which gross hacked its way to the number one. And then there was another app in that category with Disposable camera. I think it was lapse app or something like that, which was like for a few days it was open to everyone. It was in the top charts in the App store. A lot of people could have created their username there, and then it went again into the private mode or invite only one.

But then a lot of people wanted to get their invite so it can be some kind of like growth hack. All the excitement around Push it has been entirely organic. Currently the Push it Instagram has roughly 32,000 followers in US, Canada, Bermuda, Ireland and Norway. This app is in top it's number one. It's also in the top ten in UK and other.

There was a similar concept app long time ago, which is what's called your app. This concept where you can send Yo to your friends. So that was just about sending some notification to your friends.

And that was about it.

Instead of just sending loan messages or pictures, all of that you could just send your and your friend would receive your and for some time I think back in 2014, it went viral. So I think this is some reminder of that concept that basically social app can be super simple. I tried to download it. I created like a new account, so for now you can just go there and reserve your username. But that's about it because it's only available in selected countries and selected States because it's once wild and probably the traffic is so huge.

And also Push It app is only available on iOS.

So there you have it.

So that's that if Push it gains traction, it might have to rethink its Privacy policy and force common revenue models.

A lot of media are covering it like TechCrunch. I was just reading who news.

So the app is called Push it. It's not Push app or something else. Pushover. So just push it because there are a lot of apps with similar names, but still very few people are able to use this app completely because the app is opening on a city by city biases and only four places currently online. But they are growing fast on Instagram and you can discover more and more places.

It describes itself as the first app to send in custom push notifications to your friends, and the latest update includes the note that thanks people forgetting push it to number one, and the new version is a lot faster and smoother.

So there you have it.

So that's about it. There is not a lot of information and there are not a lot of screenshots. The reviews. There are already 2.7K ratings on the App Store 4.5 out of five reviews, so that's pretty cool. If you just read the reviews, you can see that some people say it doesn't work.

Not letting me sign up seems fun. Not up and running yet.

It's a great app.

Fix the Loading screen, it's not working, but seems it's going to be fun. It works great.

I'm not to log in because you log in with a number. No email. Such a cool idea.

Great for amazing app. Great for annoying your friends. Ten out of ten. So I'm just reading here some reviews on the App store, so let's see how it unfolds is definitely a cool idea.

So that's about it.

So yeah, if you know any other suggestions, any other ideas, just feel free to comment is under this podcast. I also will publish the transcript on my blog mrhack.io and check out some video overviews of Push it app on my YouTube channel YouTube.com/mrhack.

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