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so here is push it app as you can see it's in the top charts in us app store it's number italian lifestyle is constantly in top 100 social media apps the cool thing about this app is like this it's super simple it's very minimalistic but also it's very addictive uh i think it's it's uh it has some developers ascended app which is also like quite popular social social media app this app has 25 000 ratings uh so unfortunately it's not available everywhere around the world it's only available in specific states in in us and few other countries so you can just go to their instagram and check if you're eligible so finally it is eligible for me so let's just go and check it out so here's how the app looks like as i said again it's very minimalistic so first what you need to do to to be able to use this app is get a new follower so you can only send push notifications to the people who follow you otherwise this app just won't work for you so then you just can share these messages to your friends or just ask your friends to download push it up and follow you then you have your username so they can just search this your username yeah so for example here then just go to the app and search someone with this username and then just tap follow so then you will have not zero but like one follower and you will be able to send a new push so you just tap and you push get a follower before you send a push and this is just you can send a just like a push notification to your friends that's it so that's the app um there is no like you know advanced features like sending videos to your friends or i don't know like tagging your friends you can't even go to the person profile like if i go to i can't click on it i can just follow um so nothing happens and that's that's basically it yeah if you also claimed your username before entering the app and then you change username so you can't change it back so it is not possible you can only edit your name uh that this possible then you can share your invite uh but if you share your invite there is no special link or something um it's just again linked to downloadpushit.com so there is no referral code or some specific code which will get you a hat in the in this app or something like that uh what else is in the account then you can just follow the instagram and log out there is no option to delete an account i'm trying to tap need help but for some reason this button doesn't work for me so i can't contact support but anyways uh this is not what this app is about so basically in the home screen you also have like three tabs zero followers so these are people who follow me these are the people who i follow so basically these are the people who can send me notifications and then you can see here the username add daily motivation and user11414 for example that's supposed to be their full name but it just depends and then you have best accounts here which is you can check back every day for best accounts to follow top left you just have the star uh where you can just leave some uh like reviews on the app store for this app and then you can just find friends which you can follow here so that's basically that and you need to get a follower before you send the push okay because i just started using the app and i still don't have any follower so go follow me at andre and yeah i will be able to send each other some push notifications if you're interested so that's that can be fun or not so yeah um anyway so that's the app that's how simple it is um hope you enjoyed hope you have fun with it um subscribe to my youtube channel visit my website mr hack.iont in the next videos

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