Quizard AI app - how to use

The Quizard AI app is a handy tool for those seeking assistance with math and a variety of other subjects. Upon launching the app, users are prompted to 'get started' where they can begin answering questions and utilizing the camera feature for scanning. However, there is an immediate prompt to upgrade to the premium version, which is priced at $60 per month, in line with comparable apps in the market.

To enhance the user experience, Quizard AI offers incentives for inviting friends to join. By referring a friend and having them install the app using the provided link or code, both parties receive 15 free 'lightning', which acts as a form of in-app currency.

Users can ask a wide range of questions using the app, such as math queries like calculating the square root of nine. Additionally, there is a community feature where users can view questions asked by others, providing a collaborative learning environment.

As a further enhancement, the app offers a Chrome extension, allowing for seamless integration with the browser. Users can also access settings, view their history, and utilize a keyboard function to input questions manually.

In summary, the Quizard AI app is user-friendly and provides a straightforward interface for navigating various subjects and questions. With its robust features and easy-to-use design, it's definitely worth trying out for those in need of academic assistance.

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