Quizizz app - full overview. A decent Kahoot alternative?

hey there so here's interesting app which is called quizzes play to learn so let's just install this so you can just type cat and then you will be able to start with this cool app so you can just use Touch ID to install and yeah it has 42 000 ratings pretty amazing engage everyone everywhere join Over 20 million users first for any quiz you need play solo or is a group grow practice and improve yeah and something like that use the quiz app to learn anything anywhere you can study on your own or engaging group quizzes assignments and presentation in person and remotely quizzes used by more than 70 million people per month in schools homes and offices around the world so yeah just open it up and then yeah let's just see how it works so I'm using quiz for work I'm not using quiz for school of work and then you just need to enter join code so it's kind of alternative to kahoot apps so kahoot app is the top app for this quizzes at school artwork but then you can just see for example different um uh practice uh so you can just play quiz and let's just see an example how it might look like so you will see some kind of countdown and then uh okay so I got this right [Music] and then there are different boosters and um yeah so yeah something like that yeah so kind of you got the idea how it looks like um yeah so something like that and then you can just exit and then you can just search and then the rest activity you can sign up then there are classes then there are settings and then you can set up all the app settings like language account type um so yeah basically it's like alternative for for kahoot you can disable memes you can disable sound effects to make it faster you can change the theme and yeah it's kind of cool what I know is like kahoot can actually get pretty expensive when you start using it like for big organizations in big groups you suddenly need to pay quite a lot actually for kahoot so maybe this app is just a bit cheaper so that's why it can be a nice alternative

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