here's an overview of interesting app it's called radiogarden and recently probably it went viral somewhere on tiktok or something like that because uh yeah it's it's kind of in the top charts these days you can just go to the app store and search for radio garden live and you will find that app so if i just search for grad your garden or something like that uh you will find that this app is actually in the top charts and is growing pretty fast usually it happens when you know the app went viral antique talk anyhow okay let's just explore the app so the idea is that you can just browse around the world and select all these random radio stations and then you can just you know from every smallest city in europe or around the world or stuff like that and then you can just listen to them and then you can explore different culture different music yeah all of that and that can be fun just to to explore all of this and to explore different music style different communities and you can also promote your own station you can submit to your own station and maybe it will be featured there so that's the idea then you have favorites so you can favorite the station you can swipe up you can then just add it to favorite uh you can also see similar stations from this area for example you can see all the cities you can see cities near and then you can see stations for that city radio stations and then you know you can just browse around like us or like i think any other country in the world then you have your favorites as you can see then i can just browse here uh so here you can see some interesting playlists uh i don't know what that is independent sounds uh which like stations focused around specific style or specific idea or something like that so you can browse that around then you can just search for some and then you can just go to settings and discover them there here you can submit a radio station to submit a radio station to radio garden you just need to fill the station submission form you can also just submit some ideas or changes to existing station you can always contact and reach out so here you can send some suggestions and all of that but yeah that's the app kind of nice design nice idea uh so that's why it's kind of became popular and as you can see here you can browse all around us and some smaller cities and yeah and you can see all the idea of all the radio stations around the globe in very easy display hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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