Rainspotter app tutorial

Hello everyone, so here's a quite interesting app called Rain Spotter. I don't know in which countries it works; it seems it works mainly in European countries like the UK, Denmark, and Germany. You can select some city. For example, let's see if it works in the US.

Basically, the idea is that it will send you a notification when there is rain around you. You will see a precipitation map, and if rain is expected in your exact location, you will receive a notification. For instance, it might say, "There is rain expected in 20 minutes." You can also see the future rain levels at different time periods.

The app allows you to observe the movement of clouds, showing the chance of rain and air quality. It's a handy app, especially if your activities are weather-dependent, helping you stay informed about when the rain starts and when it is expected to happen.

So, that's the basic idea behind Rain Spotter. It gives you insights into rain predictions and helps you plan accordingly. It's a useful tool for those who need to be mindful of the weather in their day-to-day activities. Give it a try if you find it intriguing.

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