RAMŚE APP - how to create account?

here's ram's app uh which entered the top charts in the us app store in social networking so let's just install and see like what the old hype is around so i can just use touch id to install it of face id so the app size is just 33 megabytes it only has like seven rating at the moment um but let's just open the app and let's try to create an account you can allow notifications you can log in and then you can just sign up so let's just speak a username [Music] so seems it's it's not loading why is that i think my wi-fi is working maybe because this app is in top charts maybe it's like crashing a bit so maybe that's the case um okay i'll switch off my wi-fi and try on 4g once more and okay we can wait for a while but seems maybe for real this app is a bit overloaded at the moment maybe it's just not not ready to to scale you know when the app enters like top 100 apps in social media category instantly it has like you know tens of thousands of users everyone wants to create an account and maybe that's not possible so there you have it so yeah unfortunately i just can't create an account if you oh there you have it now i can do it so let's just create some test account and let's wait for a while so maybe it's just normal that this app just takes a bit of time here okay choose profile pic then i'll need to add my profile peak just add some selfies okay i'll just add this shot for selfie okay location and there you have it now i created uh the the account on this app so there you have it um and then here at you may not always so um that's the app here um that's the home screen still the app is like super slow i can see some trending stories and maybe i don't know developers just uh put this filter so it's it slows down the app um so that doesn't crash crash or like you know when there are so many users so yeah that's basically how you create an account if you have any other okay so now it's loaded so yeah [Music] then you can just comment you can see a lot of a lot of comments here under this post hope that is helpful

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