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Hello everyone, so in this episode let's as usual talk about some interesting trending apps. So one of the apps is called Rams Rams app. It's entered that top charts in social networking category. Uhm, basically it's like a it's like a social media app super similar to Twitter or something like that.I'm just curious and I'm just trying to figure out why it's in the top charts.Maybe it's like a niche community developed by some. Buy some influencer and seems that. This app is actually super viral within the black community. And then you can reach out on their to their website. Rams deck so if you go there, by the way like the the app itself is in the top charts, but it's it's pretty slow. I I checked it out with my Wi-Fi of my 3G and all of that, but yeah, it's not working that well yet, but hopefully it will improve. So on that website ramstack it says Ramsey is an elite social media site designed to bring users the ultimate social experience that crime.Cramps A is every version for Royalty app member, superior experience and service created to make everyone feel like royalty. And I'm set or I'm I I like. I don't know like the exact pronunciation, sorry everyone, so I'm set up, was designed by Raymond Malik Wilson, who has always been inspired by technology and the impact it has on today's society.She created this app to be a social networking tool that integrates learning, fun, entertainment and awareness. Given the users the ultimate virtual social networking experience. So yeah, so that's the app. Yeah, it looks like a. Looks like Twitter or just like another version of this social apps, but maybe I don't know exactly who is the influencer. Who is the guy who created it? I tried to find out I can't find the back story. Seems the website is just a simple website created by GoDaddy, but then I just don't know. Yeah, all the details of that. Uhm? And on the website it says one will be ready. The diagrams will be open in the list to be public is to be disclosed.So there you have it. So that's just one of the interesting apps. Which is trending right now like I did some of the podcasts before about notice about lock it, we just we just share. So these are kind of the apps which really took part. The storm, the App Store that were in the top charts. Like if you miss that basically Lockett widget app is a new widget app where you can send pictures to each other.Some people might say that this is a bit cringe and unsafe. Someone can basically send you like pictures to your screen, but if you you can only add 10 people. It's not that like it's possible to send this picture to anyone on Internet or something like that.You can only add your friends and. I know you're closed once and then after I asked 13 you can add this week just to your home screen and then after you add this video it's basically it is possible to. Yeah, to showcase the photos which appear in this widget. So that's basically yeah, that's cool, and you can add some notes in widget share. You can also send pictures and notes and all of that. So that's basically the idea of this apps. Uh. Yeah. What else is in the news? Probably heard about like you know, Joe Rogan controversy. All this stuff like with Neil Young living Spotify and all of that.Yeah, I I won't be discussing this here, but I just noticed on Twitter. That's the risk like a. There is some initiative from Ryan Sulkies on Twitter and he says, how big would the Dow need to be to buy out your organs? Contract from Spotify. 500 million seems doable, hashtag free Rogan. Uh. And then Yep, so maybe you remember that was like a project Constitution Dow where like people basically raised 40 million like super fast.And this was kind of like a breakthrough moment for web three and all that that you can actually raise money and you can raise this big amount.In a in a small period of time so. Yeah, that was quite interesting that you can do that and now it's like 500 million doable because the rumors are that like Joe Rogan was paid like 100,000,000 for his Spotify deal. A lot of people there are like two sides of this debate.Some people will tell him that like you know. There should be a ultimate free speech and Joe Rogan shouldn't be standard. Other people say that he should really like deliver like more. Much more Fact Check information and he he should be much more prepared on sensitive health care topics and he just can't invite everyone and just people telling everything and then it. Just yeah, completely unverified data. But another on the other side. Of course there should be free speech. And you just can be some kind of sensor, so it's a long debate, but I was just like interested by this idea of Dow. Will this be the next record where actually doub St technology? You can quickly raise 500 million from from? I don't know how many Members can you run Jurgen fans actually raise this amount? A lot of people were like discussing that. Joe Rogan actually makes like search like before Spotify he was making like 30 million per year with his post cast going in deep and.And yeah, basically Spotify by him like three or five years ahead. If you can say that so might be it was a wise decision to take money, but on the other hand. It's, you know it's still tricky because then you basically give up your freedom and like another influencer, Peter levels, who is the founder of novelist. He also posted on Twitter that actually. That's why there is a wise decision to stay indie because you you retain your freedom even doesn't matter in which amount.They pay. You can still kind of be free and earn kind of the same amount.Of course there are much more like no guarantees and all of that. But their heart it's a. It's an interesting topic for discussion, for sure, but imagine if, like you know, in the future like podcast, creators can create their own doubts and create subscriptions based on these doubts and people basically are just holding token.I think a lot of creators already doing that, so it would be an interesting economics around that. Like, imagine if there is like a Joe Rogan token, which you can just purchase and huddle that. And yeah, how that would look like would then it makes sense for the big media media company to acquire the specific creator.Or like he he can just have like his own brand and then you can just have token in that.So what do you think? So this is just my thoughts on like writer, economy and all of that. In other news, Twitter is working on Twitter articles. There is some new insights from Jane Manchun one that this is a new feature where Twitter wants to expand.Gone to 200. Characters 180 I forgot. How much is that? Like not right now for Twitter so, but so yeah, just moving on from its current 280 character limit, these features supposed to be called articles and basically a lot of people tell that it can actually kill medium.I don't think so. Medium is founded by AB Williams, which was a Co founder of Twitter and it has like 6 separate audience. But it's a good. So it can be an interesting. Interesting stuff because basically all the modern blogging a lot of modern blogging is basically.Moving to mobile. Yeah so. That's yeah, so all the modern blogging. Uh. So there you have it. So it would be interesting to see that. And it can be. Interesting. Yeah, interesting work around. Like you know, instead of just building a WordPress blog, do you doing a ghost blog doing your own blog and all of that? You can just then create. Yeah, correct like a. A blog on Twitter so that would be nice and like the audience just basically moves from the from the desks or from laptops.Might be a few journalists or few people are just reading websites, blogs. I don't know New York Times on the laptop but majority of Gen Z.Everyone is just on Twitter. Of course. James is on Tick Tock but basically yeah, that's where the blogging moves and the modern bloggings is basically strats on Twitter. So that's if you want to get a lot of impressions. And instantly without you know, building backlinks. Doing all this Asus and stuff like that. I have a lot of experience in SCR like many years. But like yeah I think like 10 plus years of experience. But like you know to get the amount of impressions and clicks. You really need to have a strong domain, and if you don't have that and if you just starting blogging it, it won't like work out so. Instead of that, what you do like where would you put your textual content? Of course, if you create videos, you just put them on Tik T.O.K or audio. You just can create podcasts or images on Instagram Pinterest. But like where would you put your tax so? Probably. Twitter Stratz is is the best bath and if they have like Twitter articles then it also can be interesting.But let's see how that performs like. Uh. Like link it in also did some of that. It's I don't think it had a massive impact on Lincoln, and maybe it'll just people just know that on Twitter they are looking for very short condense information anyway, so this is just what's my few cents on blogging where the future blogging is going.So that's that. So that's interesting and. Yeah, so this is just like an overview. Uh. So yeah, interesting. Thank you for listening to this podcast. I'm trying to put out more like blogs and more videos lately, so check out my YouTube channel. Thank you a lot. And let's catch up in the next episodes.

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