Rave app - can’t change audio or subtitles…

The Rave app is currently facing a major bug that prevents users from changing audio and subtitles. Many users have reported this issue, leading to a flood of negative reviews in the app store.

When attempting to adjust the audio settings, users are met with a message stating that there are no options available. Similarly, changing the subtitles seems to be impossible. These limitations have caused frustration among the app's users, who are eagerly waiting for a fix.

Complaints regarding the audio and subtitles not working have been surfacing since early December, specifically from December 9th onwards. Unfortunately, despite the passage of time, the issue remains unresolved. This lack of progress is undoubtedly frustrating for Rave app enthusiasts.

If you are experiencing these problems with the Rave app and cannot wait for a fix, you may consider seeking out an older version. On iOS devices, you can access previously purchased apps and try to install an older version of the app before the troublesome update. It is possible that the bug was introduced with this specific update, or there may be a related issue with the YouTube API integration.

Alternatively, if the problems persist or you simply wish to explore other options, it might be wise to look for alternative apps that offer similar functionality. It is always a good practice to have backup options on hand, especially when relying heavily on a particular app or service.

In summary, the current state of the Rave app is marred by the inability to change audio and subtitles. Users have been expressing their frustration through negative reviews, signaling to the developers that immediate action is necessary. Whether the issue stems from a bug within the app or an external API complication, users will have to either wait for a fix or explore alternative apps for their multimedia needs.

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