Reading bot chats in Chai app - is it possible?

Reading bot chats in Chai app - is it possible? So reading B chats in Chai app, is it possible? In my experience, just to be clear, it's not possible. For example, I have Bots and then I just tap on my bot. I see that it's in the ranking, I see how many messages were sent to this B, how many conversation engagement. Then I want to add it, but I can't see. I can't see the chats, unfortunately. You can't read your chats with users had with this bot. This feature was here before. So this feature was here before, it was possible to read chats. I remember using Chai app about a year ago or so, you could read all of the chats there. It was quite fun. But now it's not possible. They have disabled that, probably for privacy reasons. I don't know, maybe there are some workarounds, but as of now, I can't do that. You can just feel safe and chat as you want with this app.

Here's how it works:

  • Tap on the bot in the app.
  • Check the bot's ranking and engagement metrics.
  • Try to view the chats, but unfortunately, you cannot.

Creators can no longer read your chats. You can chat freely with this app, knowing your conversations are private and secure.

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