REALEST PERSON ON EARTH - BeReal - what is it?

The website "Real Realest Person on Earth" has recently announced the winners of their competition. The aim of the contest was to find the realest person on earth, someone who is unapologetically themselves, embracing their unique qualities without any filters. The prize for the lucky winner is an epic trip anywhere on earth.

If you visit the BeReal website, you will find a notification about the real Realest person on earth. By tapping on the notification, you will be redirected to a YouTube short where you can learn more about the winner. Unfortunately, the competition has ended, so you can no longer apply for it.

The winner of the competition will receive a paid vacation to any destination of their choice, with Be Real organizing flights and accommodations for a one-week trip. The maximum value of the trip is $15,000, giving the winner the opportunity to explore their dream location. Additionally, the four grand finalists will receive $5,000 each, which will be transferred to their provided bank accounts before December 23rd. Lastly, 45 finalists will receive merch as a cool consolation prize.

As a way to showcase the success of the competition, the winning picture will be displayed in Times Square, New York.

While this particular contest may have come to an end, it is possible that Be Real will organize more competitions like this in the future. Stay tuned for future opportunities to showcase your realness and potentially win exciting prizes.

To learn more about the Real Realest Person on Earth competition and to catch a glimpse of the winner, check out the YouTube short video. It's quite entertaining and will give you a good idea of what this competition was all about.

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