REALFANS in BEREAL - full overview

In the latest update of the BeReal app, a new feature called REALFANS has been introduced. This feature aims to bridge the gap between users and their favorite influencers, real people, brands, sports stars, celebrities, and more who are active on the platform.

With REALFANS, users can engage closely with the content posted by these personalities and entities. They can leave comments on posts, view comments left by other fans, and interact with exclusive content that is only accessible to real fans. This feature enhances the visibility of a user's own content on BeReal when shared by real people and brands.

To become a real fan on BeReal, users are encouraged to add real brands and accounts as friends. Once the connection is established, becoming a real fan is a seamless process that involves active participation such as tagging, reacting, and sharing content from these accounts.

Giordano, a BeReal user, tested out this new feature and found it to be an interesting addition to the platform. The REALFANS feature offers users the opportunity to connect more deeply with their favorite personalities and brands, fostering a sense of community and engagement within the BeReal ecosystem.

In conclusion, REALFANS in BeReal enhances user experience by offering a more interactive and immersive way to engage with content creators and brands on the platform. It promotes meaningful interactions and connections between users and their idols, making the BeReal experience more dynamic and engaging for all parties involved.

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