RealGroups in BeReal - what is it? How to to use

RealGroups in BeReal - what is it? How to use

BeReal, the popular messaging app, has recently introduced a new feature called RealGroups. This feature allows users to create and join groups where they can chat and share content with friends. If you're curious about how RealGroups work and how to use them, you're in the right place. Let's explore this new feature together!

To create a RealGroup, you can simply open your BeReal app and follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the plus button located in the groups section of the app.
  2. Enter a name for your group and choose an emoji to represent it. Please note that you can only change the emoji, not the group image.
  3. Set up your notification preferences. You can choose to receive BeReal notifications every day, every few days, every week, or turn them off completely.
  4. Next, you need to invite friends to join your group. Keep in mind that you can only add friends who are already on BeReal.
  5. Once your group is set up, you can start sending messages and sharing content with your friends.

Here are some additional actions you can take within a RealGroup:

  • Rename the group: If you want to change the group name, simply go to the group settings and update it.
  • Add members: At any time, you can add new members to your group by selecting the option to add members and choosing from your friends list.
  • Block someone: If you want to prevent someone from participating in the group chat, you have the option to block them.
  • Remove from the group: Similarly, you can remove a member from the group if necessary.
  • Leave the group chat: If you no longer wish to be part of a group, you can choose to leave the group chat. Once you leave, the chat will be locked for everyone else.
  • Clear group chat: If you want to remove all the messages in the group chat, simply tap on the clear group chat option. This action will delete the messages but keep the group intact.
  • Delete the group: If you decide that you no longer want the group to exist, you can tap on the leave group chat option. This will delete the group entirely.

In addition to regular messages, RealGroups also support the sending of real emojis and BeReals. So, it's easy to express yourself and share unique content within your groups.

Make sure to update your BeReal app to access this new feature and start creating and joining RealGroups. Give it a try and experience a whole new level of group messaging with BeReal!

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