REALITY Become an Anime Avatar - quick app overview

here's quick overview of interesting app which is called reality become an Anime Avatar and this is uh this is a growing chart app in social networking charts um yeah basically you can create your own Anime Avatar and then just hang out with other people who are also avatars it's like a web3 app or like you know metaverse app how it's called where you just don't show your real face you just customize your own avatar and then you can hang out people like in the rooms like that which are just other full of other avatars and then you can chat with them send gifts uh like you know send messages and and all of that and then you just need your avatar to load there are different settings uh there are different settings of avatars and all of that but basically here it is other if you're moving your face it just moves after you and it just adds a bit interactivity you can customize it you can add all of these changes so that's basically the idea and then you can just take a profile picture which is your which is your profile picture in the app so there is no uh there is no real pictures here then there is like a shop where you can buy stuff to to make even more personalized Avatar by spending coins so that's what you can do and then that's also your room but then also you can create your own live room you can set up how many people can join it you can set up change the name of your broadcast uh you can yeah change the name of the broadcast and you can make it Edge restricted add some passwords and then just basically you can invite your first hangout with your friends and in this broadcast where what you can do you can uh save screenshots you can message with friends you can play some games together which are available you can also with YouTube there are also some you can share link and invite people to your room so yeah that's pretty cool but all other people who create account in this the app they will also join just like in avatars so that's the whole point of this app this is like web3 avatar game you're not really revealings or your real face you just hanging out with other people just and other random audio chat app but just like this Anime Avatar so if you like anime it's pretty cool app definitely and yeah that's the app you can check out uh so yeah that's basically the idea uh hope you uh enjoyed this quick overview because there are so many features in this app which you can explore and then you can see how many like results of your stream and yeah like it's for some people it's actually it's pretty cool like if you don't want to reveal your real face and all that and you like anime and you can endlessly design your own avatar and make it really perfect so yeah it's pretty cool app and there are also other rooms like all these other categories which you can discover and which you can look around and yeah so that's basically the idea hope this is helpful

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