REFERRAL CODE FOR UMAX - how to use Umax for free?

Referral codes are a popular way for users to take advantage of bonuses and rewards within various apps. One such app that utilizes referral codes is Umax. If you're wondering how to use Umax for free through a referral code, the process is relatively simple.

To access your referral code in Umax, open the app and look for the 'j icon' located in the top right corner. This icon represents your unique referral code. Tap on the icon and select 'copy my referral code.' Your code will typically consist of six alphanumeric characters, like 'RFK yxd' in the example provided. Remember, your code will be different from others.

The next step is to share your referral code with your friends. At least three of your friends must enter your code to redeem it successfully. Once three invite codes are redeemed, you will earn a free scan in Umax. Please note that this benefit is directed solely at you; your friends do not receive any incentives for entering your code.

When you are ready to start a new scan, tap on 'start scan' within the app. If three invite codes have been redeemed using your referral code, you will unlock a free scan. Remember, the limit is one free scan per week, even if you have multiple referrals using your code.

Although you may accumulate several referral bonuses, the maximum free scans you can claim in a week remain limited to one. If you wish to conduct additional scans, you will need to purchase them. It's essential to keep this restriction in mind to manage your expectations regarding the benefits of using referral codes in Umax.

In conclusion, leveraging referral codes in Umax can provide you with free scans when your friends enter your unique code. While the process is straightforward and potentially beneficial, there are limitations on the number of free scans you can obtain each week. Make sure to explore this feature in Umax and enjoy the benefits it offers within the specified restrictions.

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