Remix in Instagram Reels - quick overview

so instagram reels and introducing remix in remix lets anyone create a reel that includes all or part of your video and download it as a part of their remix you can turn off remix at any time from your account settings are for individual video so let's just go into it so you can just do that uh here's some help section it's not that helpful yet [Music] so you can take a look uh how you can remix that so you can just tap layout to select a different tab font in the like three dots that premix this reel and select if you would like your clip to appear at the same time as the original video or after the original video tap layout on the right to select a different layout you can select from layouts that show your remix next to or peel off the original reel whereas the original reel appears in the top right of your mixer where the original really pierces the background then record your wheel so that's basically a better way to record some reactions to other people reels

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