Remote app for Roku TV & Smart TV - overview

A remote app for Roku TV and Smart TV has become an essential tool for many users. Instead of searching for a physical remote, users can simply install the app on their smartphones and have full control over their TVs. Here we provide an overview of how to install the remote app and its key features.

To install the remote app for Roku TV and Smart TV, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on 'Get' to download the app.
  2. Double-click to install the app on your smartphone.

The remote app is known for its convenience and additional features not found on physical remotes. Users often find it easier to type using the smartphone keyboard when searching for content on their Smart TV or Roku device. With the remote app, switching between devices and controlling the TV becomes seamless, eliminating the need to search for a misplaced physical remote.

Setting up the app is quick and easy. After completing the setup process and connecting to your TV, you will have access to a three-day free trial. Subsequently, the app is available for $7 per week. Users can also opt for the free limited version or choose to upgrade to the annual subscription for $27 or a lifetime subscription for $30.

Key features of the remote app include:

  • Connectivity to Roku devices and select Smart TVs, such as Samsung TVs.
  • Customizable buttons and remote layouts.
  • Direct access to popular streaming services like Netflix and YouTube TV.
  • Additional channels and tools for user convenience.

The app, built by a solo developer, boasts a high rating on app stores, with users appreciating its functionality and ease of use. With hundreds of thousands of ratings, the app has gained popularity among users looking for a reliable remote solution for their Smart TVs and Roku devices.

In conclusion, the remote app for Roku TV and Smart TV offers a practical and user-friendly solution for controlling your TV without the need for a physical remote. Whether it's typing on a keyboard or accessing favorite streaming services, the app enhances the TV viewing experience for users.

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