Response taking longer than usual in Chai app? What to do

Users of the Chai app may occasionally encounter instances where responses are slower than usual. For example, when attempting to chat with the bot, the app may appear to be continuously loading, resulting in delays of up to a minute. This can be frustrating, but it usually indicates a technical issue rather than normal operation.

The longer-than-usual response times are generally caused by technical bugs or outages, such as the current issue where one of the service providers is experiencing a disruption. The team is actively working to resolve this problem, and it is advisable to be patient while they work on a fix.

In such situations, it's worth noting that these issues tend to arise during peak times, often on weekends when app traffic is particularly high. If you are experiencing delays, it may be helpful to wait a few hours or even until the next weekday for smoother functionality. Alternatively, users can explore the option of upgrading to Chai Premium for potentially enhanced services.

However, it's important to manage expectations as subscribing to Chai Premium does not guarantee a resolution to technical glitches. In cases where the app is experiencing a significant delay, the best course of action is to wait for the developers to address the issue promptly.

Overall, while encountering delays in the Chai app can be inconvenient, understanding the nature of the problem and following the recommended steps can assist in ensuring a smoother user experience.

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