REVEAL APP - BeReal alternative - how to use?

so if you like be real try this app it's called trivial it's uh growing in top charts in the social networking in the US is already entered like top 200 apps of course it's it's not uh it's not number one but uh super interesting idea it's just in the process of development so it's basically rewards to be real like you you photo dump your friends daily we speak from your day and then you have not two minutes already like five minutes to see all the photos and then you can comment and like so instead of be real like on be real you also get notification and you have uh two minutes to pause the photo here you have five minutes to see photos from your friends and your friends can post like many pictures during the day there is no limit of one photo and then once a day you get that notification and you can see all of that uh photos I don't know which time this notification is being sent because it's if it's being sent like at different times every day that can be a bit confusing too because you can be in the meeting you can be uh Assam is burial you can be traveling you can have no time to see all the photos so it's a different concept but basically here it is this is how it looks like so you can ah go to your profile you can like follow someone that's basically if you're following someone that's based these people become in your friends uh so something like that um but uh yeah I I didn't post today so what I did is just basically um I just purchased like this 100 pixels back for 99 cents and then you can reveal uh reveal what your friends posted so ins usually if you didn't post or sorry if yeah if you didn't pause for some I don't know the whole concept like uh you need to do something and then you will see all these pictures if you post it late or something like that then you won't be able to see pictures then you can invite your friends you can share your invite link if you invite friends uh you can get more these pixels and then you can reveal uh uh yeah you can get more pixels so something like this uh so then there is your account you you can see all your dubs all your photos similar as on be real then you have settings and then you can delete your account if you want uh then there is uh yeah privacy you can see here there is you can send feedback notifications uh so something like that and only you can see your photos so that's basically the idea uh and then also there is Friends tab there's this cover tab so that's it basically then if you see photos you can react or like you can react with uh with camera so if you want uh you can write a comment I guess yeah uh so yeah interesting app in terms interesting concept let's see if it really grows and develops similar as be real and really goes up in top charts would be interesting to see that other than that I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial

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