Reventure app - what is it?

Here's ReVenture app, This is quite a viral app these days where you can analyze home prices and track the housing market with analytics. For example, here you can see in which metro areas you basically have overvalued home prices, like which cities have these overvalued prices here. You can enter a zip code, search for the average home value, and determine if it's overvalued.

Features of the ReVenture app include:

  • Home price forecast
  • Home value
  • Home value growth
  • Value income ratio

To access these features, you need to sign up, but it's a pretty cool tool to explore all the different details. You can tap on specific areas to see the average home value, view corresponding graphs, and explore trends in the category.

You can also use this app on desktop for research purposes to gain a better understanding of the housing market. Signing up for a free account is available to start, but to access the full functionality, a paid subscription is required.

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