Revolut vs Tinder Gold offer overview

so here is an interesting offer did you know that there is like an offer with revolut in tinder so you can get three months of tinder gold for free and you will also get three months of revelation for free but again this is not free of course these are just trials so of course you will need to pay in the end but this is just an interesting collaboration offer so revolut is a like a neo bank kind of like a debit credit card very popular in europe and uk and tinder of course is one of the biggest dating apps so what you need to do is just sign up to revolut insert your number here to you have a unique link to download revolut app then sign up for the revolut premium complete the sign up process to redeem three months of free revolut premium and then get three months of tinder gold for free and then check your inbox once you have signed to revelation you will send your enemies with that this code just call it this only read demo in the tinder app and give access to three months free of tinder gold so there you have it uh so then you can just use revolut card uh you can discard the world card free knowing you have uh all of that you can have exclusive everyday benefits and yeah something like that

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