Revolut vs Tinder Gold offer overview

What you should know about Revolut vs Tinder Gold offer?

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How do you claim Revolut gold on tinder?

In order to receive the Tinder Subscription Offer, the Revolut Free Trial and the Top Up Offer, you must sign up to Revolut through a unique link from Tinder between the 2nd of March 2022 00:00 GMT and the 2nd of September 2022 23:59 GMT (the “Promotion Period”).

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Sometimes, this offer doesn't work. A lot of users report that they can't claim Tinder gold via Revolut. You can read about issues on Reddit.

What payment does Tinder accept?

Accepted credit cards include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Note: American Express may only be accepted in some countries. You can read more in Tinder FAQs.

Is there a tinder Gold free trial?

Tinder Gold adds extra features to Tinder such as unlimited likes, redoing your last swipe, and the ability to see who likes you. But Tinder Gold is a paid service, and there's no way to get it for free.

You Get Tinder Gold for Free?

Buy Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus in seconds! Just enter your Tinder registered phone number, select the Tinder subscription you wish to purchase, enter the One-Time Password sent to your registered phone number, complete the payment, and the subscription will immediately reflect on your Tinder account.

How do you get free Tinder 2021?How do you claim Revolut gold on tinder?

"Tinder is available as a free app for Android or iOS; just download it from the App Store or Google Play. Previously you would need a Facebook account to log in, but in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal Tinder added the option to create an account using only a phone number.

How can I get Tinder premium or Gold for free?

Open your Tinder app. Go to your Tinder account. Click on Settings. Tap on Get Tinder Gold. Choose a plan. Fill in your bank information.

Can I use PayPal for Tinder?

You can pay for Tinder using your PayPal account, but you'll need to do it indirectly, using the app subscriptions provided by both Apple and Google on your mobile device. Here's how to get some more action on Tinder by using PayPal to boost your account.

Will Tinder show up on my bank statement?

You may make acquisitions straight through Tinder utilizing your charge card. This may appear noisy and proud in your bank card statements; but, it's possible that no one but you will ever see these charges if you have a secret credit card.

Is getting Tinder Gold worth it?

In our analysis, Tinder Gold is worth it if you're a frequent traveler and already receiving frequent likes on Tinder. With the ability to see who liked you, you can speed up the process of matching. The 5 super-likes a week help you to stand out from other Tinder users. 28 Apr 2022.

Should I get Tinder plus or Gold?

If you don't live in a heavily populated area, Tinder Plus is better than Tinder Gold. After all, you'll find out who's already swiped right on your profile just by hopping on the dating app. If you're in a rural area where you don't get many matches, it won't take long to figure it out.


Here is an interesting offer did you know that there is like an offer with revolut in tinder so you can get three months of tinder gold for free and you will also get three months of revolut for free.

This is not free of course - these are just trials, so of course you will need to pay in the end but this is just an interesting collaboration offer.

Revolut is a like a neo bank kind of like a debit credit card very popular in europe and uk and tinder of course is one of the biggest dating apps.

So what you need to do is just sign up to revolut insert your number here to you have a unique link to download revolut app then sign up for the revolut premium complete the sign up process to redeem three months of free revolut premium and then get three months of tinder gold for free and then check your inbox once you have signed to revelation you will send your enemies with that this code just call it this only read demo in the tinder app and give access to three months free of tinder gold so there you have it uh so then you can just use revolut card uh you can discard the world card free knowing you have uh all of that you can have exclusive everyday benefits and yeah something like that

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