Riff - Livestream with Creators - Full app overview

hello everyone welcome to mr hector iowa so today we're gonna explore how to use reef app so this is one of these trending apps these days um it helps you to chat online and join different rooms and just hang out with interesting people so for example if you do this room this is how it looks like there are all these different people there is chats there are like with real time video you can invite people to the room you can message them you can send some gifts so something like that then you can change your profile picture mute yourself mute your video and then while you are participating in this room uh you can hang out to some uh to some music and then you can just keep some tracks you can add some tracks yourself i guess you can like them add it to like songs and yeah so that's basically the experience here is that you have all these rooms you have upcoming rooms you have different profiles and you just hang out with people you can search people to follow so you can follow some of these people you can direct message yeah if you want you can report block um you can see how many people are following all the followers links to social media profile um yeah so that's basically how it works um so you can see also suggested recommendations and then there is your profile uh here here is your prof uh okay i was just was in that room so just need to leave that um yeah i can share my riff if i'm not happy with the app i can just easily delete the account from the app deleting your account cannot be undone uh i can edit my profile so i can reserve a username see share my display name here's my bio i can add all these social media profiles i can see all these created rooms recent rooms like songs and then of course you can create your own room so you can just write something here and then uh you can you need to add some songs for this room so these are the songs which people can just listen while they're in the room which will make it like just cooler experience and then you just tap create and then you tap join room and then you turn on hand race if someone wants to participate and yeah so that this app starts to look something similar to clubhouse where just different people can join the room um you can invite people uh like yeah you can message you can send gifts go to another track and then just hang out i guess you can also what's that you can speak you can share your video and then just talk with people i don't know if you can like share your screen and stuff but yeah that's basically the idea so it's kind of like a video clubhouse where you just speak on different topics using video in in interesting rooms [Music] so that's basically it that's that's the app um you can also notify about yourself about all these rooms but of course you need to have uh you need to have uh notifications enabled then there is your wallet that's how they monetize the app so you can go to join reef.com there is reef coins rich rifle roof coins are used to buy gifts for your friends and creators when you receive the gift to get refills that you turn into rift coins or destroy it for usd then you can just send it reefs and yeah all of that and then you can just buy these coins you can withdraw your balance as usd um so hope this quick overview is helpful definitely cool app it's it's climbing in the top charts in your ass app store and social media categories become more and more popular so definitely give it a try cool up definitely recommend it thank you for watching

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