Rivian carplay support - what you should know?

Recently, Rivian introduced its all-electric pickup and SUV models that are equipped with Apple CarPlay. Although there is a standardized way for Apple CarPlay to function in vehicles, different automakers integrate this feature differently. So, what exactly is the deal with Rivian’s CarPlay support? Here's what you should know:

  • First and foremost, Rivian’s CarPlay support is wireless. You won't have to fuss with cords or cables to connect your phone with the vehicle. Additionally, the screens on the Rivian models are designed to show the CarPlay interface across the entire display. This allows users to get a larger screen experience without fiddling with their phone while driving.
  • Another significant aspect of CarPlay integration on Rivian’s vehicles is the integration of Siri's Eyes Free. This feature enables drivers to make calls, read and send messages, select music, and more with just voice commands.
  • Alongside Siri, the CarPlay interface can be controlled through the vehicle’s touchscreen, center console touchpad, or steering wheel-mounted buttons. This setup provides an assortment of input options to ensure that you can control CarPlay safely.
  • Rivian’s CarPlay also integrates with its smartphone app, allowing you to use features like remote start, pre-conditioning of the vehicle’s temperature, and locking and unlocking the doors.

One thing that is currently unknown is whether or not Rivian's CarPlay will support wireless Android Auto as well. So far, only Apple CarPlay has been announced, leaving Android users to either rely on Bluetooth or take a break from their devices while driving.

All in all, Rivian’s CarPlay support is an excellent integration and a comprehensive one at that. If you're considering a Rivian vehicle, you will surely appreciate the convenience and quality of the connection.

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