Robinhood Wallet app - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

so here is Robin Hood wallet this app was just released so I'm just gonna provide a super quick easy tutorial for you I just created an account but it's interesting to explore so yeah this is a web free wallet um designed to to use with ethereum and polygon networks so this is what available right now so you can swap swap your crypto with no network fees secure and display your nft collections transfer your existing crypto store your crypto and your keys so yeah of course probably we've heard about metamask or some other rainbow wallets whatever is like bunch of others and finally Robin Hood made its own wallet specifically for web3 for crypto and defy decentralized Finance uh yeah which is which was a different aspect of crypto so it's not only Bitcoin people who dived into it actually saw a lot of potential in especially evap 3 area in um you know like all of these different tokens and special decentralized Finance so this is just like the the overview uh what this app should be used for and then yeah you can just create your account um I was just doing some quick research and then um here is your wallet this is how it looks like basically you can instantly get some rewards um you can get some usdc after you make your first deposit so what are the terms here you can get 10 bucks if you yeah if you deposit 10 bucks you get 10 usdc but you need to do it from Robinhood crypto if you just transfer from wallet to exchange if you transfer ten dollars from matamask you will get only one USBC so obviously they they want you to use Robinhood app and stay in Robinhood ecosystem and all of that um so yeah you can try that but anyhow that's your wallet here you can see your uh like your account your assets you can transfer from Robin could transfer tokens from Robinhood and then you can make secure transfers over ethereum and polygon Networks uh but first like let's just ask uh there are some questions about creating new wallet so you can easily create new wallet on iPhone 14 for example or 12 you can just use face ID and it's super fast and it's like then you just create password you can backup uh securely to iCloud and then then you just good to go also you can import of course your existing wallet from ethereum or polygon um and then yeah you can just import it as well use face ID Touch ID custom pin you can also recover your wallet from iCloud Frontier wallet and then you can just find your wallet um Robin Hood currently does not charge service fees on token swaps uh uh fees are subject to change network fees or gas fees are blockchain transaction processing fees disreparities are submitted to the network SO gas fees obviously are not eliminated but this app doesn't have any fees I think that's basically the whole point of defy that it shouldn't be controlled by some this centralized app like Robinhood so if Robin Hood starts to charge like some crazy fees on defy there is just no option so like now why people will gonna use it I think or maybe I'm mistaken maybe they just like the interface and they just like to say in Robin Hood ecosystem but there are a lot of apps in defy that's the whole point of blockchain and decentralization I guess um to stay away from centralized apps uh and then yeah there are some additional fees but doesn't at this moment Robin Hood wallet doesn't collect any part of the network fee so back to the app here we can just explore it I as you can see it just works perfectly with face ID I can easily send tokens um are all Robin Hood you can scan a QR code or enter address to send tokens I can receive so I can receive crypto so here what it can be I can see my activity and my wallet um then there is a backups and security uh you can see that you can manage nft visibility uh if you have some nfts from polygon or from ethereum in your wallet you you'll be able to see them here there is some help center again if if you're new to it you can just again go through it and read some of the FAQs um so here you can just read through that um then there is terms and privacy policy and then you can just tap to remove wallet so yeah that's basically the idea also then you can search for uh for tokens and then you can track prices and then you can just see some information around it you can see polygon address you can click and then and then you if you want you can just receive our and you can see also how it's Trend in here um so and then just track all of these tokens here um so yeah that's basically the idea um of course you can see the jump during the years but yeah uh uh you can just search and it's pretty convenient the app is very minimalistic and very easy to use um like yeah that's the cool part about Robin Hood because of course they are using all their all of their you know developer power to to make it very feel very smooth on mobile it feels very nice you know while other apps maybe they are more popular but they don't feel like sometimes like design wise not that smooth of course I think Robin Hood will just add a lot of gamification and all of these prompts to to make you spend more and you can see all these effects when I'm tapping on the apps just make some cool things so yeah try it out definitely why not but of course if you're using some other wallets why you need to switch to Robinhood but if you have a good portfolio in a Robinhood ecosystem already that's that's your way into web 3 definitely of course you are able to buy like Bitcoin all of that on on Robinhood but now this is your access to web3 and you can also try it out um so yeah that's the idea um hope you enjoy it um that's just an overview so this app is currently trending in the App Store uh it's already hit the top charts in the Finance so you can see here is in number 10 apps I'm on finance it was just released though just 96 ratings you can go through the ratings um app visuals are stunning fantastic app nice app easy to use risk at best but there are already some issues as you can see here crypto once overall not in my wallet uh so you can also always reach out to their support while it supports and user experience is great so people agree here as I said like worry like well designed app feels very smooth but that's that doesn't refer like to its technical capabilities you know if you send in crypto and it's been lost that's not very good I guess but uh it says how can this be Webster wallet you can't connect to dabs you can send your nfts you can view floor price of nft scan access and exchange to sell them either imagine these features are coming but as the wallet stands now it's basically useless okay so different reviews but there you have it

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