Robinhood Wallet app - how to restore your wallet?

here is Robin Hood Wallet app so how to restore your wallet so here you have your wallet for example you just you removed it accidentally or something happened so yeah you can recover your wallet if you want creating this with Robinhood you did some kind of backup for example on iPhone you could do like a iCloud backup so yeah so you can if you do that you can just easily recover it um and then yeah again so select recover if you backed up wallet to iCloud you can recover it easily again just select recover your wallet from iCloud enter the password select recover wallet and then use your first ID to create a custom pin so yeah you still need to remember the password you created for creating the backup that's a separate password that's not your Robinhood wallet password so if you don't remember that you are also beating the trouble I don't know my how to recover that but you can do it and of course yeah if you just imported your wallet existing wallet that's a different situation if you have like metamask ethereum wallet or something like that and then you imported it here that's I don't know exactly what happens then or yeah but hope is helpful

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