Robinhood Wallet - how to create an account?

so finally here is Robin Hood Wallet app it's just hit the charts it was just released so to install it on iPhone just tap to install and then yeah you can use your touch ID or Apple ID then it should be installed so yeah it's a web3 app where you can own and control your decentralized assets so it's like a web 3 uh yeah wallet yeah if you if you're into nfts all of that probably you should know about it and yeah it's based on polygon you take full control and ownership of your Krypton ethereum and polygon with more soon decentralized apps dapps and nfts with a wallet build for webstery so here you have your wallet you can see your tokens there um uh yeah um yeah again it's based on interior and polygon and then you can see attached nft collections transfer your existing crypto views ease store your crypto and your keys and yeah so this is pretty cool and it's a it's available for Robin Hood um yeah Robin Hood is one of the top like day trading app apps but it wasn't actually adjusted a lot for web3 people never used it like usually you just use like matamask or you know some other wallets uh but yeah now you have it here it was just released just has 96 ratings uh so try it out just for you to know that it's now available so if I open it up I just need to tap to get started you can import your existing wallet or you can create a new wallet you can use face ID you can create a custom pin you can import your existing wallet um so yeah just from polygon or ethereum meaning you can import your wallet from uh from matamask for example so yeah that's what it is

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