RTRO #Logontolife app - quick overview

There's a new social app in town and it's called RTRO #Logontolife. According to its creators, it's the first multimedia experimental social network that combines chat, AI, interactive entertainment, and more to offer a unique experience for creators, brands, and people. In this article, we'll give you a quick overview of its features.

One of the features that stand out is the RetroCircles, which is a group chat feature that allows users to create their circle, invite people, and send notifications for others to join. It's quite similar to what Messenger offers, but with a twist. Users can create groups for various activities such as travel buddies, work pals, or school friends.

The second feature is the AI chatbot called Ask AI, which is pinned to the top of the app. It's similar to what you'll find on Snapchat. Although currently, there's no confirmation if you can unpin it or not.

Users can also follow different channels, which are just broadcasts from different influencers or brands. By joining a channel, you can see updates from that person such as fashion trends or whatever they're posting. However, you can only react to these posts using emojis or copying them.

Lastly, we have the user's account, where you can delete your account or change your profile picture. It's a straightforward feature, but one that's essential in any social app.

Overall, RTRO #Logontolife seems to be taking aim at Gen Z audiences as a competitor to Instagram, Messenger, Telegram, and more. Although it's still in beta and not available for Android, it's worth keeping an eye on. Who knows, it might gain some traction in the future!

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