Samsung TV plus app MISSING - what to do?

There seems to be a recent issue with the Samsung TV Plus app going missing for many users. This unexpected disappearance has caused frustration among owners of Samsung TVs who rely on this app for their TV service. Numerous complaints have been circulating online, indicating the scale of this problem.

One user shared their experience of waking up to find that the Samsung TV Plus app had vanished from their TV's smart selection. This app had always been the first to open automatically, but now it was nowhere to be found. This disappearance is perplexing and unusual since apps typically do not just vanish without any trace.

Considering the importance of the Samsung TV Plus app for accessing the company's TV service, the absence of this app is a major inconvenience. Users who have invested in a Samsung TV specifically for the purpose of enjoying this service are understandably disappointed.

However, there is good news for affected users. It appears that Samsung has already released an update to resolve this issue. To rectify the problem, Samsung suggests performing a power cycle by unplugging the television for 60 seconds. This simple step should restore the Samsung TV Plus app.

In the event that the issue persists, Samsung provides an additional solution. Users can attempt a smart hub reset by navigating to the "all settings" and "support" options in the menu. From there, selecting "device care" and then "self-diagnostics" will provide an option to reset the smart hub. A default PIN of four zeros is required to complete this process.

It's reassuring to know that Samsung is actively supporting affected users during this frustrating period. They have made their customer support accessible through various channels, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and live chat.

Given the recent update from Samsung, it seems that the app disappearance problem should be resolved now. It is essential to have the Samsung TV Plus app functioning correctly to enjoy the full range of Samsung TV services.

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