Saturn app - how to use? Is it safe?

Saturn App: A Quick Tutorial on How to Use it and its Safety

Saturn App, a rising star in the social networking world, has secured top spots in both the overall and social networking categories on iOS charts in the US. Specifically designed for students, especially high schoolers, Saturn App offers a unique blend of productivity and social interaction, making it akin to a Facebook for students. Although currently only available on iOS, Saturn App is already accessible in over 16,000 schools across the United States. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of using this intriguing app.

To begin, create an account using your phone number. It is worth noting that Saturn App is currently limited to users in the US. Once your account is set up, you will be prompted to find your school within the app. If your school isn't readily available, you can still add it manually, although you may find fewer friends on the platform. After adding your school, you can create your own schedule within Saturn App. This feature allows you to view the general school schedule, including lunch breaks and advisory periods. You can also share your personal schedule with friends, making it easy to compare calendars and keep track of each other's classes. Furthermore, Saturn App offers a chat function, along with a school dashboard where you can access additional events and clubs.

Upon opening the app, you will notice a countdown to the summer break displayed next to the school name. You can search for friends and send them requests by simply tapping the "Add to request" button or sharing an invitation code. Saturn App also allows you to manage your friends list, view incoming friend requests, and accept them directly from the app. The calendar feature provides an overview of your school schedule, including class timings and breaks. To add a class, simply navigate to your home screen and select "Add a class." Follow the on-screen prompts to choose your desired period, class, teacher, and room, and then save the class. Your selected classes will appear in your schedule, easily editable or deletable at any time.

You can access specific class details by tapping into each class. In addition to viewing meeting times, you can also invite classmates and share the class schedule by generating a QR code. Saturn App encourages users to submit missing schedules for schools that aren't listed, ensuring that others can easily find and join classes. The app also offers a bulletin feature, allowing you to stay updated on school events, games, and announcements. Want to create your own event? Saturn App allows you to add events to the bulletin, specifying details such as visibility, location, description, and links.

As for the social aspect of Saturn App, you can find other students from your school on the platform. By adding them as friends, you can engage in direct messaging, send friend requests, or report and block users if necessary. Your profile serves as a central hub for managing your classes, editing your details, and connecting your social accounts. Saturn App even supports Snapchat login, integrating your Bitmoji into your profile.

In terms of safety, Saturn App advises caution when deleting your account, as it is a permanent action resulting in the loss of all friends and schedules. To restore your account, you will have to start from scratch, verifying your phone number and re-adding your school information. Although the Android version of the app has yet to be released, interested users can visit the Saturn App website at for updates.

Overall, Saturn App offers a refreshing approach to school management, combining functionality with a social media-like environment. With its user-friendly features and growing popularity, it is definitely worth a try for iOS users.

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