Saturn Lockscreen Widgets - How to Use? Full Guide

Saturn app, known for its popularity among college students in the US, is gaining traction as back-to-school season approaches. However, there are concerns regarding privacy and security, particularly from parents, as it appears that anyone can easily sign up and join any class. In the future, we expect Saturn to implement more stringent privacy and security measures to address these concerns. Nevertheless, the app maintains high ratings and is featured in the top charts on the App Store.

The latest update introduces lock screen widgets, but I believe they have been available for quite some time now. To activate these widgets, simply install the Saturn app, sign up, and add your schedule. Then, navigate to the settings and access the wallpaper customization menu. Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with this feature on my phone, possibly due to being on the iOS 17 beta. However, on iOS 16 or later, you should be able to add Saturn lock screen widgets.

Ensure that your device is running iOS 16 or later, preferably iPhone 8 or newer (typically iPhone 10 or newer). There are two types of widgets you can install: the class progress widget, which displays your class progress, and the upcoming class widget, which provides information about your next classes. These widgets come in different forms, including a small one and a larger horizontal version.

To install a widget, search for the Saturn app after tapping on "add widgets." Once installed, you can customize the widget to your preference. For example, if you choose the class progress widget, make sure to tap "save" at the top to activate it on your lock screen. This feature allows you to conveniently view your class progress without having to unlock your phone. However, please note that there may be some bugs associated with saving the widget, as experienced on my phone.

You have the option to install multiple widgets and can easily remove them by tapping on them and selecting the remove option. Unfortunately, Saturn app does not offer home screen widgets like many other apps do. This could be due to development limitations or time constraints.

To summarize, Saturn app now offers lock screen widgets for easy access to your class progress and upcoming classes. Remember, to use these widgets, ensure your device runs on iOS 16 or later. Give the Saturn lock screen widgets a try and see how they enhance your college app experience.

Please note that this article is based on a video transcript and may not account for recent updates or changes to the Saturn app.

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