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hey everyone so here is the scanner app pdf document scan app and let's just try to install it um and yeah let's see how it works it's in the top charts in app store it's top charts in business category so i think it's one of the best mobile scanner apps out there it's recommended by top websites as you can see here trusted by 70 million plus users and you can easily scan from your iphone to pdf gpac or txt you can count objects share to email and cloud sign documents on the go extract and edit any text so that's really cool for example imagine you have like some printed document and you want to get like text from there to copy or translate or do some other edits with it and yeah you can just do it with this app so protect manager yeah so seems like this app is like a super app so let's just try to open and i will try to scan some little document let's see how it works you can get unlimited features like mass solver mode count mode text recognition and all of that but let's just see the basic stuff personalized experience so there are documents mathematics count area id card passport qr code sign markup add text and then you can just yeah so let's just add that plus you can either use from camera or from photos so for example like this and then it automatically scanned it i didn't even press any button and then there you have it so now i can just crop it i can rotate like that i can expand undo save i can add some color like this that's cool i can straighten i don't know distortion correction on so i just and then i can just tap done of course i can rename it so there you have it then i can just share edit add like sign what that means some kind of okay interesting and remove changes and i can add some markup i can have some text images and then i can just share the share to pdf gpac or txt or even fax so i can just send documents to your fax so that's super cool let's see what that means then i just redirected fax send fax from mobile so anyways i just want to share it to pdfs that's what i need to do and then it's just sent to pdf and i can just save to files service draft email or yeah so all these features i can just do them and that should be good uh so there you have it and done so these are the options which i can try out to do with it so there you have it then you can create new folder you can sort icons here you can select something and of course you can add all these actions um here there is like a mass solver so you can solve math with this app you can select area so you can select id card documents qr code and all that so if you need specific area if you need to count as many objects and then specifically you want to scan id card or you want to scan passports you can try that then of course qr code and then you can sign specific w documents which you already scanned then there is a markup then you can just add text and then you can just share also export this pdf or export hd pack as export stxt send fax send by email send to computer recognize text if you want to try to recognize text let's try to do it but then yeah then it requires uh paid plan so you can choose your plan it's it's a 1999 per year or three day trial and then 9.99 per month so no limits on export no ads tax recognition patch scan in my solo mode count mode and then you can just do that so that's the idea so yeah you can try that if you want to sign up you can also sign in with your apple account here dark mode if you like dark mode in my picture quality it's possible to change it from low to hd so that's also pretty cool if you want to contact support you can just write here [Music] and then just add like some support and query here so that's the idea uh if you want to if you want yeah that's some kind of algorithm stuff uh yeah if you want to invite people uh then you can just share uh you can get 30 days of premium for every new user you invite and shares the link with your friends to get premium features so i think you just share this in white link and your friends can just basically sign up to this app and the more new users the more bonus days you get so that's super cool so you can just try it out with your friends and that can be amazing uh and of course then if you want to upgrade to pro version just try it here so yeah i think this app is uh pretty amazing once again what would you get in the pro version no limits on export no ads text recognition by scanning my solver mode uh and you can get it for 20 dollars per year seems so yeah if you're doing a lot of this like scanning tasks it can be a nice thing to do also add to siri means that you can use this app in the shortcuts so you can add like uh if you want yeah there's like a shortcuts app for starting from ios 14 and if you want to like do some quick automated tasks you can just do it with this app as well so that's cool so anyways that's just a quick overview if you enjoyed it like and subscribe visit my website mr check out my podcast mr hakkie about new cool apps and see in the next videos                                                                                                              

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