Scoopz app - how to use

Now, here is an app called Scoops. This is like an alternative to TikTok. Let's go through how to use it step by step:

  1. To post a video:
  • Add a different video as an example.
  • Select location.
  • Edit cover.
  • Post the video.
  1. After posting:
  • Access your account.
  • Check your history and content.
  • Your content will be processing.
  1. Uploading videos:
  • Tap the plus sign to upload videos from the camera or the album.
  1. Homepage features:
  • Swipe through different stories.
  • Like, block, report videos.
  • Follow other users.
  • Search for different stories.
  1. Additional features:
  • Access your location.
  • Log out or delete your account.
  • Manage your creator dashboard.
  • Edit your profile, add a bio and website.
  1. Note:
  • Currently, only video uploads are possible.
  • There are existing users on the app.

It seems Scoops is gaining popularity, especially as a potential alternative if TikTok faces restrictions in the US. It could serve as a backup platform for TikTok creators. Give it a try and explore its features for yourself.

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