Setting up Revolut 18 in main Revolut app - full guide

Hey everyone, so here's just a quick overview for you on how Revolut 18 works in the main Revolut app. As you probably know, there are three apps: Revolut, Revolut 18, and Revolut Business. Revolut 18 is a new app designed for kids or teenagers under 18. The idea behind this app is to educate your kids about basic finances and help them start using cash responsibly. However, to create an account in Revolut 18, your kids need to request permission from the main app, and parents need to grant access.

To create an account in Revolut 18, you can open the app, which looks different from the main Revolut app. In the bottom menu, you will find the "Under 18" section, where you can see all the transactions for this account. You can also add money, access settings, and activate a Revolut under 18 card. Please note that there is a fee for this card, similar to a normal card, and it can be added to Apple Pay.

One of the features in Revolut 18 is the weekly allowance, which you can set up for your child. Additionally, you can create goals to motivate your child to save money for things they want to have. There are also challenges available to encourage saving skills. If you have multiple family members using Revolut, you can link up to five full access accounts. The under 18 card can be personalized with your child's name.

Some of the settings available in Revolut 18 include co-parenting options, spending fees information, card controls, personal details, and the ability to close the under 18 account. It's worth noting that with the Revolut under 18 card, your child can withdraw cash from any cash machine in their home country or overseas, as long as it supports MasterCard. However, they cannot use Apple Pay or Google Pay for transactions.

In conclusion, Revolut 18 offers a range of features designed to help parents educate their children about finances and develop saving skills. While it's not possible to use the under 18 card with Apple Pay, it still provides a convenient way for kids to manage their money with parental oversight. If you're interested, give it a try and explore the various functionalities it offers.

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