Settle Up app - Group Expenses - how to use

Here's an interesting app called Settle Up Group Expenses. So just tap to get it. See who should pay next. To see a balanced tab, adding expenses is easy. Organize expenses or incomes. So then yeah, some interesting algorithm that helps simplify setting debts among friends. So that's an emotions. So yeah, this is like, you know, if you have a group of friends and you want to pay a bill together or something like that, then yeah, that's one of the apps you can try out.

Like sharing expenses with friends, free your wallet of receipts. Good accounting, my good friends. And then you can just create an account like this just with your Apple ID. And then yeah, just, you know, if you're spending, going to a party together, buying some stuff to a party, going on a group trip, doing some, you know, fun stuff together, it's just really good to have a place where you can share your expenses and avoid a situation where one person always pays up all the bills and you can't remember who paid what and all of that stuff.

So yeah, just create a new group. Like you can just create it like this, give it a name, give it a color, allow notifications. Then you can just add some people here and then, so John paid like a hundred dollars. Let's see. And then it automatically says that, yeah, John paid a hundred, so I need to pay 50 to close this bill. So that's basically the idea. And then, yeah, you will see who owes what. And then I need to do this, then, yeah. And it's kind of, you see, you see how it works. So and then, yeah, you just need to, need to fill these tabs here and just browse around this app. These splitting apps sometimes can be a bit more, you know, it's not that it's complicated. It's just some different designs. So and then, but the idea is that then you just see this easier design who need to pay what and how much expenses you're going to have. So yeah, that's, for example, something like that.

So then you can see all your transactions for each member. You can set different categories. And yeah, so just basically bring your attention to this app. You can also upgrade to premium here to avoid ads and to add some expense categories, adding receipt photos, recurring transactions and all of that. So yeah, that's basically the idea. Create more groups, add expenses, and then just have a clear overview of how much you need to pay to settle the bills with friends. And then, yeah. So that's basically the idea.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this app.

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