SHARING NGL LINK on INSTAGRAM: Story, Highlight, Link in bio - all ways

hello everyone in this video we're gonna go through all the ways how to share your ngr link on instagram so this is a cool new app where you can get anonymous messages from your friends and you won't be able to know like uh who sent this message uh so yeah all kind of messages you can receive here and this app is specifically built for instagram of course probably you've heard about yolo app or many other apps which are for uh for snapchat but here is the best app for instagram anyhow you created your account to add your instagram username and now now you have your link created here so your link is like slash your instagram username so you have it there and then you can share it so the best way to do it you just share your link on instagram stories so just tap share and you already need to have your instagram app open like uh downloaded and you need to be logged into your account on iphone then uh you need to yeah to create a story but don't do it yet just follow this template and then they have like great template here in the app so and then when you share into a story tap on the stickers icon in top part then you can just tap on the link button and that add url and then you will be able to share on instagram so let's just do it uh so this is the first way how you can do it so i just want to uh here it is the template so as i said don't start to create a new story on instagram because here is a template you need to use and it's pretty cool and then just tap on the stickers tap link and then you just need to pass your link and here it is uh here is how it looks like and then you can just pass it here then after that you just tap the arrow in the bottom right or share to close friends or share to your story so that's basically the idea and that's how it works and then this is how it will look like um so now uh you can uh see okay that's that's how it looks like but now you can see that's what i just shared and if i tap on the link this is what happens and someone will be able to to send you an anonymous message and then this is what the response will look like so if i would reply this is how i just can reply to it so then what else so here it is um so another thing which you can do is when you share the story already you can just tap it in the bottom and add it to the highlights so just tap new and add to highlight you can just name it ngl or something or anonymous questions and tap add what that brings to you is that now uh now it will be if you go to your profile it will be in your highlights and more friends can can go through that link so that's another way to add to instagram i would also recommend to do it and finally if you want even more uh messages for your ngr link you can go to edit profile and then here in the website you can just pass your link so for example like something like this and then you will see this ngo link in your bio and that's it like now people can just go to your instagram buyer and just go to that link and try to send you messages so that's pretty cool um so these are kind of all the ways to to share uh to share ngr on your instagram if you do all of this you will get a lot of responses and a lot of messages of course it depends on your following and number of friends you have and all of that but that's what i would do in case you want to get a lot of engagement and really have fun with this app so give it a try thank you for watching like this video so more people can discover and more people can you know figure out how to use this way this app in in a maximum way so thank you for watching again

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