so here is new interesting app which is called chef homemade food delivery um yeah so this is the app basically uh which is similar to like uber eats or just eat or something like that but it's offers food not from restaurants but just with talented chefs in your neighborhood and still it offers amazing authentic food all dishes are my to order with freshly sourced ingredients and they care that can only come with a homemade meal dishers arrive refrigerator just heat eat and repeat support local order chef so that's interesting concept super interesting food delivery niche because you know sometimes of course you can use instacart and order just groceries you can use ubereats and orders just ready food from the restaurant uh but maybe yeah you just want you know this specific chef which doesn't have his own restaurant but and he doesn't have the scale to deliver deliver like hundreds and thousands of orders but he you just know him and this is a really good cook and you want to order some great food for your family or just for yourself and that's so that's the app you need to try out so it's not available everywhere in the world so it's just i think it's just getting to more attention and more chefs are signing up so probably if you live in europe it won't be available there but if you live in new york you can just enter your like uh zip code and there you have it so there are some options available uh yeah like even for some cities in u.s it's not working yet so [Music] there you have it so basically you just have like local favorites so these are some popular shafts in new york you can see how many reviews you can see some pictures so yeah it looks just like other any other like food delivery app with one difference this is like homemade food and this is not like hello fresh or something where you order ingredients and you have a recipe and you still need to cook yourself so this this food is ready just like uh you know just eat or any other food delivery app but it's just made by a local chef so you can see some interesting recipes here it's very authentic it's not like you know like sometimes maybe it doesn't look that perfect as some restaurant dish or some like with perfect uh like design and all of that but basically yeah it's very authentic maybe it's even healthier um and you see all this food here which you can order um you can see all the reviews you can bookmark chaff yeah of course you need to create account to do that it's just super easy just create your account with google apple uh or email just standard and then you can just pick a delivery day like there are of course like limited options because you know per hobby chef can't deliver like hundreds of dishes per one day probably probably some chefs already using some like cloud kitchens i don't know how that works but that's basically it so you just select that you can donate a meal to refugee in ukraine and then you can just check out um so that's that um so that's the app uh so i'm just browsing here for you to check out this app so just go to app store and you know search for chef uh this app is available for iphone and for android so yeah it's available there um so that's good um then you have all the different categories of food you can order you can select delivery days and there is like a help section where you can ask for some support and all of that so just tap on the question mark in the bottom you can reach out to their support chat and all of that so yep that's basically the app there is menu in top right you can also earn some free meals so there is some like program which you can try to participate so you can share your referral link so here is mine so feel free to use it shop dot com slash your first slash my link which you can use under for a friend and just earn some points and get some free meals you can see chefs who you are following um you can see your orders you can add your payment method delivery address notifications you can become a chef uh there is some privacy policy help center and yep so that's basically it uh yeah so that's the idea of the app uh yeah definitely give it a try if you're in some city and you want really to try some authentic food not just from some restaurant or you don't like to cook yourself but like ready authentic meal which you just need to heat up and it's ready to go so yeah definitely give a try to this app i think really nice design really cool idea it's one of the top apps in this category of personal authentic chefs and of course by using this app you can also support the local community and all of that you can see there are like not that many ratings but the average rating is pretty high on the app store i'm so glad this exists i love chefs so much and every time their little red bag appears on my front door i can't wait to explore another culture through incredible food their mission to help chefs share their talents including immigrants and light of restaurant workers is simply amazing plus there are so many dishes i narrow would have had the opportunity to try um so yeah that says a lot of it so we can go through some other bad food app great service authentic meals some other people say our app doesn't work um there are some bugs probably uh delivery time some people say there are some delivery time issues probably because yeah if you have you know delivery from some authentic local shops um that's like there can be some issues it's not like a restaurant whereas i have all this fixed up and everything just works a bit better um so yeah some people say that some food is actually frozen not the high quality some people say food never really arrived so there are a few reviews like that but overall the rating is 4.905 and there are 800 reviews already so it's like pretty decent for a food app to have this kind of review so i would overall i would trust this app of course you can you can try to order a few times see how it goes and then then yet try yourself so yeah also of course if you already tried this app before and you used to order this or two from this app just leave some comments below so to help people uh decide either they should make their first order or not thank you for watching check out other app reviews on my youtube channel and see in the next videos

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