Shiba INU, Safemoon, ELON coins - overview & where to buy - podcast

Shiba iNU, Safemoon, ELON coins - can you buy them on Coinbase? Where else?

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In this episode. Let's talk about this new coins, which are just going crazy. So first of all, there is like a ship coin news.

It went like 700% during the weeks, but then it crashed again.

I'm just looking on Coinbase so you can buy Shibuyan on Coinbase. It's changed there like App name on App Store that you can buy it like Coinbase buy Bitcoin and Shibu because the volume was just incredible. So it was costing like 0.00 $28 just on October 21. And then it started to cost the same number just like $89. So it's almost like triple in value.

Then it crashed again on November 4 to 49. And then it's coming back to 33. So that's about that.

There are some people, however, who bought Shibu, like $5,000 or $6,000 of Shibu, like in last year or something. And then they generated like 6 billion worth of Shibuy coin. So that's referred like one of the best trades in the history.

So I just want to find that exact feed.

So someone purchased $8,000 worth of Shibu Unicoin last year. Now it was 6 billion USD.

And you can read more about that on High Beast. This could be the greatest individual trait of all time.

It serves 59% in 24 hours to surpass each coin, which is also based on the image of Shiba. The ship Dawkins part MIM Dawkins is now the 7th largest cryptocurrency in the world is a market cap more than 44 million USD at the time of writing. According to Mourning Brew, an unknown individual who bought Shibu 40 times 44 times in last August, spending a total of 8000 USD worth of wrapped Etherium. So the value of his coins grow by 1.6 billion today.

So yeah, he's holding more than 6.4 billion USD.

So that can be the biggest individual trade.

However, Twitter user untraceable questions where the market will be able to absorb the transaction if the individual decides to clear the entire wallet at once and Shibucoin flip XRP in the market cap.

I was also listening to Pompelana podcast, and he was just like Shibu is a sheet coin. So you should invite you should focus on cyber coins like Bitcoin or probably Tyrion.

But anyways, and he was just doubting if it's possible at all to clear this wallet and to get at least 1 billion from that position. And imagine if someone sells all of this, like 6 billion for Shibu coins like that price of Shibu will immediately go down. So anyways, that's that.

But there are also other coins which are going up.

So like, Safe Moon is also what's trending in searches. And it's also growing. And then I'm just trying to look here. So yeah, on coin market cap, you can see that Safe Moon also went significantly up.

So its price was 0.0. 00:25. It went to 65. So like two and a half times, and then it went down a bit similar to Shibu on 1 November and then went up a bit now.

But before that it was just like 22 or 17 during last year.

Last year. It also had a huge spike in November 2020.

It has a massive spike during May 2021.

It was worth almost like 00:11. So yeah, it spiked even more than today. So I think usually like these coins have two times when they are spiking either. It's like April through May, then it's going down through the summer and then it's spiking again like October, November. I don't know how it behaves during the Christmas holidays and stuff like that, but there's just interesting data to know that all of these small coins are going that way so that's that you can check out all of this data on coin market cap.

There's also an app coil called Coin Geeko where you can see all the coins hubs are moving and where to buy them, which exchanges to use another coin which spiked was Elon coin.

This is called Godylon Mars Elon. And there are a bunch of other coins like that.

A lot of people were trying to buy it. It spiked a lot from from like I guess like fifth or October. It spiked and then it's just one going back down a bit. And then again on the fourth November, similar to Shiba.

It just went down and then it went up again a bit and nobody knows what will happen. And exactly similar to Shiva or Safe Moon, it also skyrocketed in May 2021. So that was the period.

Also it has like a huge spike during July, like 2021 and then it went down. So there is a lot of volatility here. This is not an advice for you, but yeah, seems there is some kind of like pattern here that all of these coins usually start to start to go up in October, usually like second part of October. So maybe like the first part of October or just the beginning of October is a good time to buy or maybe even the August A is good time to buy for a lot of cryptocurrency because there is some pattern with the crypto that begins this rally during the autumn.

And I'm not sure also if it's the same for like May because also in April, you can try to buy all of these coins in April and maybe they will go up in May.

But I'm not sure about it.

Like Safemoon. You can buy on Bitmark cheapboard. You can buy on Coinbase like Elon coin. I think also you can buy on Bitmark. Not everything is available on Coinbase, so that's that and there are, of course, a lot of other apps.

Sorry. Like coins. I'm just also curious which ones do you select and which ones do you think it's worth investing right now? Of course. I think a lot of people are investing in Salona these days, but the aim is to find this, like Tannix coin where you can invest and then it will grow tannik similar as Bitcoin was like a few years ago.

So let's just take a quick overview of how this was helpful.

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