Shiller - Snoop Dog app - what is it?

what is Schiller app so this is a new Snoop Dogg powered app and this is the app uh which combines video and audio broadcast nfts where you can feature nfts and merge where you can just share um go live and just communicate and it says it's the Airways for the Webster Community engage your audience from a CDL platform using the best of live video and audio and feature March nfts uh come together with your tribe using ownership of your project feature merge nfts to control access go live from your gallery tune into Schiller to navigate artist projects and collectors and stay up to date with the latest news and drops so yeah um I don't know if this app is yet available in the in the App Store seems there is just like a press release from Snoop Dogg uh and then you can just apply to become a Creator here um so yeah that's what you can do as there is no app at the moment as I understand so just tap become Shiller uh and then you can just fill out some form and this is like type form uh and then yeah you just apply here and yeah so pretty interesting idea uh so try it out maybe you can apply here if you're a Creator and interested in Webster you have some audience some follower base you can definitely explore this opportunity

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