Should you UPGRADE in NGL app?

should you upgrade an ngl app well um here is how it looks like where you are asked to upgrade so i have inbox i have received some messages and then i can uh i would just want to see who sent this and then when you want to see that you is you are being told like you need to upgrade to be a pro member pro renews for 9.99 per week and then you can just tap unlock and then you are asked to upgrade but if you're doing that you won't be shown the exact instagram username or exact like person who sent this prompt you will just be shown some hints so it says can see exclusive hints on each message and i was just like browsing through the app reviews for this app and it says do not buy the hint pack literally it tells you this was made by an apple iphone in houston uh or something like that so what the users are suggesting suggesting actually that the hints are very very general and they can say like hey this was made by someone who has an iphone or the person who lives in like in new york or something like that so like imagine if you're posting this from new york and you have like all your followers a lot of followers from new york with iphones like how would you know exactly of course if you have like someone is following you in instagram and you know the specific friends lives in that specific small town and something around it maybe you it can get you an idea but so far as i understand it's not that helpful so don't rely a lot on these hints so i don't know this is just like some overview if you have a better experience please leave it in the comments below but yeah i think of course the idea of that is that it should be anonymous so people should know that they can really ask some you know some spicy questions and knowing that there is a high chance i will remain anonymous uh and yeah of course the hints shouldn't be that much revealing if you buy like you know nine bucks and you can instantly see who asked that that will destroy the whole idea of the app obviously but yeah uh this is what it is just you decide if you want to upgrade because it's 999 per week not per month per week and it's pretty expensive and then your subscription can go on and on so just be careful don't expect a lot if you upgrade so that's just my comments maybe you have a better idea so hope this is helpful

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