Should you upgrade to CHAI ULTRA in Chai app?

what is chai ultra subscription so basically if you go to any chat bot uh either yours or some other people's you can just go here and tap tweak and then if you want to get better conversations with the bots you can upgrade to better conversational model at the moment there are two models gpt j and first x 13 billion this is one first is six billion parameter model another one is 13 billion parameter model released by facebook then you can just continue to ultra there's premium ultra so something around it and then you can just upgrade uh yeah so if you tap continue to ultra it's uh there is a free uh no there is no free trial nothing but it's much more expensive to 69.99 per year and monthly 29.99 per month so that's basically the idea and uh yeah you can of course always go back to premium this premium you have unlimited messages but you don't have this advanced bot conversations here usually you have both all benefits from premium plus the best conversational ai models so something around it hope this is helpful this is a new edition i haven't seen it before

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