ShutEye: Sleep Tracker app - full overview & how to use

here's interesting and growing trending app shot I sleep tracker and sounds so yeah this is the the top app one of the top apps to track your sleep and gain more insights into your sleep how good is your sleep do you have any issues do you have snore sleep talks coughing all of that and then just like this app can help you to analyze Your Sleep Quality get rid of fatigue we sleep in size detect the risk of sleep apnea mix sleep sounds and white noise so also this is obviously you can just fall asleep faster and all of that so everything in one app and uh so now you can also add a lock screen and there are a lot of features coming here so then yeah you can just allow notifications if you want one hour sleep for everyone and yeah you can see here so then you can just see some other things you have you can also see a lot of gorgeous which can help you out sure you can see all of these details and then you can start seven day free trial so Sunday free trial no payment now then 59 and 90 per year 4.99 per month so one month and 9.99 so you can do that or you can just try out with the free version let's just enter shall I and then so then of course they have these things actually when you try to use the app you can get some discount uh yeah of course obviously it's a jackpot all the time so yeah that's what you if you really want to upgrade actually you can you can upgrade in this app uh and yeah because I think it is pretty good so here's just an overview so you have shot like white noise so you have rain sounds which you can customize you can see some filters you can yeah see all all of these sounds campfire random Leaf flute ocean waves so just help you out to fall asleep uh and then there are some feature stories as well which you can get just some like feature stories read by like some famous artists dangerous healing music and other sleep stories sleep videos sleep meditation soundscape then you have readers uh you have sound scenes here available then there are some Advanced programs to learn how to sleep which is also pretty Advanced some sleeping Solutions it's like you have some guides and some articles which can help you out with with sleeping um so yeah that's and then there's also daily quote the five sleep scores this week you can see in which countries you have that so you have Venezuela Paraguay Indonesia Saudi Arabia Thailand yeah so there's that then there is like a sleep aid section premium premium where you can upgrade uh to to premium account that's your sleep study it's like a separate program where you can get some personalized program and just to learn a lot of stuff and just how to improve your sleep so like this app is like Encyclopedia of sleep where you can actually learn a lot and then you can have this like nap and relax feature my Aid sleep article so all of that and then you just have statistics uh so for example this is just like a demo and then you can just place the the phone next to your button keep the charger connected so yeah that's basically the idea as you can see so to have this app working properly you just uh put your phone charging just near your batteries you probably do all the time and then yeah you can just have this app tracking your sleep and just just giving you some stats and insights of how this is working uh yeah so that's basically the idea also you have here option to create a free account if you want you can sign up is email Google Facebook Apple so you can do that um you can set up wake up alarm so a lot of things just basically combined it into one app you can read about FAQ so yeah that's basically the idea of the app venue for example you can just see a sleep report after each sleep you'll just have your sleep report generated but the app still seems quite Limited in the in the free version so you will eventually need to upgrade if you try to really use it really use it in kind of a bit of professional way that probably you will need to upgrade and then here in the report as you can see you can see how many time in bad like time asleep what's your score how much time you were awake deep sleep light asleep uh fell asleep and then you can see sleep recordings and then you can just listen to some selected recordings if you are talking and sleep you can see one clip if you were snoring or coughing you can see all of these events happening then you can see like sleep stages and then you can see snoring house taking out of the following like then you can see what's the sleep apnea risk and what do you think you can see night noise level then you can see sleep consistency weather dream record dream interpretation all of that you can just see and then there is your profile so yeah that's basically just a preview of what you can expect from this app should you upgrade or not and what what's just uh looks like hope that's helpful thank you for watching check out my YouTube channel I always just create reviews of some interesting apps you can like this video so more people can view it you can subscribe you can join and become a member support me on patreon or just under this channel um so uh yeah hope that's helpful and thank you for watching

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