ShutEye Sleep Tracker app - IS IT LEGIT & safe to use?

hey there so here is this uh trending app called shot I it's like easy app actually legit is it safe to use actually um so like this app is definitely going in the top charts in the in the App Store like you can see number five in in top charts and health category top 100 apps there is definitely some some hype around this app as a lot of people you know while being stressed have have issues with their sleep and they just want to find out some like quick solution Quick Fix to their sleep and like this channel I the pops up in the top search in the apps so what does this app offers it's like you have a huge collection of white noises and like different sounds which can help you fall asleep so I think yeah that's pretty cool you just have the library you have all this healing music I have all these sleep stories sleep videos sleep meditation soundscape so definitely you have that and you can use it you have this amazing sound scenes you can have like you know ocean sounds forest sounds so and then you can just fall asleep then you have all this library and all these blogs all these quotes so but here you can see it's just like a huge collection of all this like sleep information and there is no like you know the honestly I don't think there is like a guarantee that it's like all of this information is scientifically proven or anything so you should definitely be at first like just skeptical a bit like you know while reading all these blogs and all of that then they also just have access to a lot of experts so you can start with some shadai program get rid of your sleep problems in 14 days so is it actually legit like can can this happen uh yeah I'm not like a specialist myself but like if yeah so just try just subjective you but yeah like that's uh be careful if someone tells you you can fix all your problems in 10 14 days like you know that's uh just be careful with that and that's that's basically what it is there that is this app is just Health has all these stats and all the statistics so you can see like your lights sleep deep sleep awake and then you can just do it just by placing your phone near near your bed uh it's like I don't know of course there are Technologies uh who can which can actually do that and track all of that not sure how precise is all of this actually maybe it can give you like some trending data about how precise this is that's the question and then but then it just has all these slip recordings like if you snort if you're talking in a sleep you can see uh all of that in this app it's pretty cool and then you can just analyze slip stages so this part like I I don't know again how precise is that um so and then you can obviously connect your health app to this but just be super careful this app can be not completely precise it can give you some idea some identifications I would really suggest you just use this white noise and all of that but not to to do some scientific conclusions completely just based on the app but who knows maybe you can try it out or if it's recommended by professional then maybe you can try it out so then yeah you can just go to your profile if you want to delete your account you can easily do it here by the way if you want if you try it out this app you don't like it you can cancel subscription just from your iCloud and then tap on subscription and cancel it from here uh if you just delete your account or delete your app it won't cancel the subscription also we can just go through the ratings and some reviews overall as you can see the reviews to be honest yeah it's like pretty high 118 000 ratings 4.8 out of five pretty cool app uh I'm so grateful for this app I get odd sleep hours and they fluctuate weekly this app is teaching me better sleep habits I work so much for yes at all different hours because of the programs even but I'm sleeping more at the same time uh and even at night I'm stopped having to take a nap if I get tired I find something else to unpack clean and repack it keeps me moving so yeah definitely so you can see some people are actually quite happy with this app so uh so close it being a perfect sleep app not great but pretty good I'm currently using a competitor sleep app at the premium level and I really like it but shall I looked interested I took a test ride I love all the songs and stories and this stuff I'll also reports pretty darn accurate but here is a deal breaker I need to use a sleep app that knows when I'm sleeping and knows when I'm up in the morning you have to manually tell this app you're going to bed and then I need to manually turn the alarm off because I don't need to be awakened so that's basically that people stop believing this nonsense I guess just two stars instead of because I enjoyed the white noise of however when this app says you are in deepestly for two hours you were awake and moving around I might notice I can't claim I was too quiet the patterns of sleep are nearly identical every night which is suspicious there is no way for an app buy some sound to know where you are in your sleep that's ridiculous done so yeah so you can see here so yeah like the average so that I couldn't say that's like they have a great collection of white noises and meditations and all of that but once I climb into track your sleep exactly you can be a bit of suspicious because maybe it's the technology is not there yet maybe it will be there soon but maybe it's not there yet so so again like while this app has a few nice things like music whiteness and ability to record a snoring it can't possibly know when you're actually asleep or in REM sleep there are sleep statistics are truly misleading it's cute but it isn't what you think it is in that this is nothing more than the novelty so you can see all of this anyhow I'm not like an expert like of this Technologies whether it exists or not can your iPhone just based on your sounds or identify whether you're in the deep sleep or not but yeah take a look definitely this app it's for a reason in the top charts it has hundred thousand plus reviews 4.8 hour trading if it were a complete nonsense app it wouldn't achieve that so there is definitely something into it so take a look

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