hey everyone so here is popular app called shut eye sleep tracker it's one of the top sleep tracker apps out there yeah and it's like everything's in one super app about sleep so if you have any issues with sleep or you just want to have get more insights more analytics in your sleep that's the app you should try out so first of all you just have a huge collection of white noises which you can just try out and it's just helps you to fall asleep better then you have all these stories meditations healing music sleep stories sleep videos sleep meditation soundscapes just everything which can help you out to fall asleep faster uh band just like sound scenes you can have all of these sounds combined like ocean it can have wind sounds ocean waves seagulls combined together and then you can have uh also some Specialists help you out some blog articles some quotes and all that then yeah again you have sleep aid you have then okay premium account sleep study so then you can also engage in some programs with some people with some coaches and just engage in your sleep study to better understand your your sleep habits dream analysis understand your dreams so that's also maybe you can help out with that then you can also read something in the vlogs so yeah that you basically you can see all the stats of your sleep so if you just place your phone near your bed charging then you can see what's your sleep duration what's your time in bed what's your time asleep what's time in deep Sleep light sleep awake and then you can actually see all of these selected recordings if you're talking in sleep you're snoring and then you have all of these episodes uh recorded I don't know how this app manages to do it and how it analyzes like which type of sleep exactly do you have but that's what it is then you can just have sleep stages snore and Hell sleep apnea risk uh night noise level you can see then you can just have sleep consistency uh so you can have that here then you have profile so that's your free profile um yeah but I would need to say at some point you will still need to upgrade to use this app properly uh to to have all these features available but all of this I'm just accessing without even upgrading so for example this is also how you can just start your sleep tracker and that's basically the process so yeah that's an idea and then if you want to upgrade to Premium you can just try to spin like they always offer some kind of discounts and you can always upgrade if you're using this app a lot you will have probably a possibility to get a really good price and then just upgrade uh yeah that's what a lot of apps do in these days to to boost the subscriptions um so yeah try it out uh and that's basically the app

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