here's interesting app sim simi uh everyone seems to me meet your sim sim who is always consistent when you are bored you can say anything to simsimi create your own worst personality according to your type meet a variety of make friends enjoy the conversation chatbot judge for me so this app basically offers you opportunity to talk to someone anytime when you are bored basically you can talk to your ai chatbot uh do you know that every single word that seems see me says to you in response has been manually taught by tens of millions of people found in you more whom your empathy and comfort knowledge and information when we chat we seem simi we are actually chatting with stans of millions of minds now become simsie me and chat is many people uh so the officials seem see me sarah runs him see me anyone can so it was born back in 2002 maybe it was like a tamagotchi or something maybe if you're a bit older you remember the small tamagotchi devices which were viral in like early 2000s and that basically you can select your language and then you can create an account in simsimi app i just sign up with my apple id and there you have it so now i just created my account i can consent uh and then here is my account i can just talk post that and so here you can select uh if you want to and talk more you can select about you you can see all the settings here and then you you can also see some other bots here and then you can also create your own simsimi it's uh your own bot and then you can just play with it so yeah that's basically the idea you can search some keywords uh so i don't know if i want to search for so my sim sim is required through my simsimi so then you just need to create your own sim simi i don't know it's like your account then you can create your avatar so this is my account so this is my account now i can change i can then so then i can what talk to someone yeah so something like that so i think these are like ai chatbots and a lot of these apps are really going wild recently because yeah you can get addicted actually with talking into chatbots my sim sim is your smurf and chatbot that you can set as you want so that's the idea that's the overview hope this is helpful

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